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Congratulations, you’ve just moved into a new home! You have cleaned your kitchen top to bottom and are now fully unpacked and organized. A couple months go by, and you begin to realize you are ready to make some changes. Things you thought you could live with, maybe fix up down the road are becoming glaring eye shores. The problem? Money. The budget is small and definitely not enough for a full kitchen reno. Have no fear, there are a couple small projects you can take on yourself to get that shiny new look.

First, think about painting your cabinets. If you really want to save money, this may be a good DIY project. It will take your time and the cost of paint (make sure to ask your local paint store which type of paint will work on your cabinets). You can also call a professional. Even this option should be cheaper than replacing all your cabinets.

If you don’t mind the color of your cabinets, but something still doesn’t feel right, take a look at your hardware and fixtures. A simple update to your cabinet handles and drawer pulls may do the trick and is a very inexpensive upgrade. What about the kitchen faucet? Is it a shiny silver and everything else is a dull chrome? It may be time to replace it. Look up. Are the light fixtures out of date? This is another inexpensive fix (depending on what you replace them with). Often, we replace light fixtures but don’t think about the outlet and light switch plates. If you have yellow plates, consider swapping them out with white ones. Again, this is a simple project you can do yourself.

A last and final tip is to consider your decor. Would a plant liven up your space? Or a picture? Still hanging dish towels from 2015 on your fridge or oven door? If your budget is teeny tiny or you prefer to save and wait patiently for a full renovation, adding some new touches to your kitchen may be enough to update your space and help you fall in love with it again.

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