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Incorporating environmentally friendly features into your home renovation is easier than ever these days. For example, if you are remodeling a bathroom, why not consider replacing the old standard toilet with a water-saving pressure assist toilet? So, how does a pressure-assist toilet work, and would they be a good idea for your home?

You do not need to worry that a pressure-assist toilet will ruin the look of your bathroom as, on the outside, they look very similar to a standard gravity type of toilet. Inside, however, the tank has an air-filled pressure container that uses compressed air to flush water into the toilet bowl. The results of this are a much more powerful flush than gravity alone will achieve, which means it can use a lot less water.

Pressure assist toilets are becoming more popular in new construction houses but there are also many benefits to installing them in older homes. Because the plumbing systems in older homes are often prone to blockages, the force of a pressure-assist toilet flush helps to remove trapped waste, resulting in fewer clogs in the system. The design of the tank also means that condensation is not an issue.

There are a few things to be aware of, however, when deciding whether a pressure-assist toilet would be right for your home, and research should be done to determine this. Some possible disadvantages are that pressure-assist toilets cost more money to buy and install, although they cost a significant amount less to maintain. The noise of the flush is a lot louder which can put some people off. Another important thing to remember is that to work effectively, pressure-assist toilets require approximately 20-30 PSI so, if the water pressure in your home is low, a pressure-assist toilet may not be the right choice.

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