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If you want to fix up your home to put it on the market but cannot afford a complete remodel, here are some ways to make your home appealing to a buyer, without spending a fortune to do it:

Most prospective buyers want to see bright, clean spaces when they look at a home so think about how you can bring more light into your home. You will want to maximize the amount of natural light so trim back any trees or foliage that may be covering windows and remove window treatments that look heavy and dark. Never underestimate what a thorough cleaning can do and make sure to include all windows as you do it.

De-clutter. You may have collected many belongings since moving into your home and, while they are special to you, they may be making your home look smaller than it actually is, which is something that will put off potential buyers. Clearing your house of clutter will make your home look bigger and much more appealing.

Are there rooms in your home that you do not use, like a guest room, for example? You may want to consider re-purposing it into a space that is more useful, perhaps a home office. It may be hard to rearrange your home in this way but think about the buyer and what they will be looking for. It’s also important to remember that most people will look at your home online before deciding whether they want to come and look at it, so it needs to look good in photos. Try to highlight each of the room’s best features. If you are struggling with this, you may want to consider hiring a professional staging company.

A fresh coat of paint throughout the home can work wonders and make everywhere look fresh and clean. If your bathrooms and kitchen are looking a little tired, think about refinishing cabinetry or re-glazing bathtubs and sinks. This will give them a new lease of life without costing too much.

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