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Natural light in a home is always a desired element of a home’s design. However, there are often areas of the home that do not allow for traditional windows, so, what is the alternative? Here is a couple of them, starting with skylights.

Skylights are a very popular way of adding a ton of natural light into a dark space, making it much more inviting. If you are considering the addition of skylights just make sure you choose double-paned windows and because skylights can sometimes leak, make sure the flashing is done professionally.

Light tubes are another method of bringing natural light into a dark area. The tubes have a lens fitted to them that enhances low-level light, it also minimizes the high-intensity midday sun. Light tubes are coated in highly reflective material and a light diffuser helps to provide an even distribution of natural light through the room.

Perhaps you have noticed homes with clerestory windows. These windows usually sit high on a wall and have a short, wide shape. This shape and their positioning on a wall help to provide a lot of natural light, however, another benefit is that because of the roof overhang, the hot summer sun does not heat up the room too much. With the lower position of the sun during the winter months, though, it can provide heat as well as light.

If you are looking to remodel and want to add much more natural light into your home, why not consider some of these traditional window alternatives?

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