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Are you searching for effective ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home without spending a fortune? It might surprise you to learn that there are some easy ways to do this, one of which is by sealing and insulating. This is particularly worth doing is you have an older, drafty home. So, what areas of the house may benefit from either sealing or insulating? Here are some suggestions:

The attic space is a good place to start with your sealing and insulating as it is an area where a lot of heat escapes, this means a lot of your hard-earned money is escaping with it. The access panel to the attic will benefit from foam board insulation or weatherstripping which will help to prevent heat from escaping. You will also likely find holes and gaps where the attic meets the floor, under attic knee walls, and dropped ceiling areas. Very small holes may be harder to find but one clear indication that air is escaping is if you notice patches of insulation that appear darker than the rest of it.

It is not just the attic that allows heat to escape, here are just some of the other areas in your home that may need attention; window or wall mounted air conditioning units, electrical outlets or receptacles, baseboards, doors, window frames, and piping.

While this is just a very brief list of potentially drafty areas of the home, it highlights the benefits of sealing and insulation. This is a budget-friendly way to make your home more energy-efficient as well as improve comfort and indoor air quality.

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