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Dust mites are found in the majority of homes and, while they are generally considered harmless for many people, for others they can trigger allergic reactions that can lead to misery. So, how can dust mite populations be reduced in your home? Before going the chemical route, you might want to try the following suggestions first:

One place that dust mites seem to thrive is bedding. Washing your bedding on a low temperature will not kill them so if you want to get rid of them you need to wash bed linens on a minimum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, you can place bedding in a dryer for 10 minutes on a high-temperature setting. 

You can also lessen dust mite numbers by regularly dusting and vacuuming the home. Dust first, using a damp cloth to avoid circulating dust from one surface to another. When vacuuming, try to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter which helps prevent dust from reentering the air. Be sure to include all soft furnishings and textiles in your vacuuming routine.

Humidity is a favorite environment for dust mites so look for ways to reduce it in your home. Electric blankets and air conditioners are some ways you can reduce humidity levels.

Perhaps you are wondering if an air purifier would help to reduce dust mite numbers. Air purifiers are very good for allergy sufferers and will reduce the number of dust mites in the air, however, because dust mites are not generally airborne, it will not completely eradicate them. When shopping for an air purifier make sure you select one with a HEPA filter.

So, before immediately resorting to a chemical solution, try these simple suggestions which have proven to be effective at reducing the number of dust mites in a home.

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