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Ceramic tile is a good choice of flooring because of its durable, hard-wearing nature, however, as is the case with most kinds of flooring, you may notice that over time ceramic tile floors can start to show signs of wear and tear. Here are some of the issues you might encounter:

Cracked tiles are probably the most common issues with this flooring type. The majority of the time the reason is simple wear and tear but there are other reasons cracks can appear. One reason is if the tile has not been correctly installed. You can also experience cracked tiles in locations that experience temperature extremes as this can make the house either expand or contract, causing cracks in the floor. Fixing this issue will really depend on the size of the crack. If it is just small then you may only need to fill it in with a little grout but if it is too big you will most likely need to replace the tile altogether.

Another area where you may observe deterioration is tiling grout. It might become discolored or start crumbling and cracking. This will commonly occur if the grout was not sealed properly which allows it to absorb moisture. Bathrooms or other moisture-prone areas of the house may experience this issue. Often the only way to correctly fix an issue like this is to remove the grout and replace it.

Have you noticed the ceramic tile floor is uneven in places? This can happen because the tile has not been correctly installed. Again, if the problem is particularly bad you may have to redo it.

If you are about to move into a home with ceramic tile floors have a check of them and see if they are developing any of these problems.

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