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For many gardening enthusiasts, a greenhouse is essential.  Just like any other structure, however, a greenhouse needs regular maintenance and care so that it will function the way it is intended.  Let’s look at some simple ways to do this.
Safety, of course, is of the utmost concern to any greenhouse owner.  This is especially the case when there are small children in the home.  Keep the greenhouse locked whenever it’s not in use so that a child cannot enter and access dangerous items like pesticides and gardening equipment, etc.
As we know, greenhouses are intended to create an ideal environment for plants to thrive which they do by retaining heat and light.  As well as this good ventilation is needed.  If there is not sufficient airflow the air can become too humid and stagnant, making it too hot for plants to survive and allowing fungi to grow.
If you discover a leak in your greenhouse it’s a good idea to fix it immediately.  Too much moisture inside the greenhouse will encourage insects, mold or other types of harmful pathogens.
Through the colder months, the greenhouse will likely need additional heating.  This can also become a safety concern and increase the risk of fire. Only use an electrical heater that is suitable for greenhouse use.  Any other electrical appliances you use should also be designed for outdoor use and when you are not using them it is a good idea to keep them unplugged.
So, while you will likely be spending a lot of time in your greenhouse in the coming months, don’t forget to take the time to keep it well maintained.

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