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​During the cold months of winter, a fireplace can be a warm and inviting space. However, not all homes are built with a fireplace. Does this mean that it is not an option for this type of home? No, the answer could be a factory-built fireplace. Let’s look at the advantages of this kind of fireplace:
The factory-built fireplace is a popular option nowadays and is commonly used in new construction homes. However, it can also be installed relatively easily into a pre-existing home. A pre-made fireplace usually consists of a firebox that is encased in a steel box and has a steel chimney or flue attached to it. This makes them easy to fit, lightweight and efficient.
Another benefit of the factory-built fireplace is that it can be fitted close to wooden framing and usually has very small safe-clearance constraints, making it possible to be used on most floors of the home. A word of caution should be mentioned here though before you decide whether a factory-built fireplace is right for you, check the manufacturer’s guidelines as safe clearance requirements may vary.
Factory-built fireplaces enjoy an excellent safety record but it’s still very important that every care should be taken around one, just the same as you would with a traditional fireplace. You will also need to have the chimney inspected regularly to make sure creosote has not started to accumulate. Yes, your dreams of having a fireplace of your own may be a possibility after all.

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