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​With December being a very busy month for many, we thought it would be a good time for some safety reminders, particularly with regards to the use of ladders, which are often used this time of year for putting lights up, etc.   Thousands of ladder-related accidents occur each year, so, to avoid becoming part of that number, think about these points before using one.
One of the most obvious reminders is to secure your ladder before ascending it. This is important even if you are not going up very high. Many fatalities resulting from accidents on a ladder have occurred from a height of 10 feet or less. If someone has positioned the ladder for you, it’s still a good idea to check it yourself to ensure its safe to use. 
Avoid being overly confident or relaxed on a ladder, particularly as you near the ground, this would also include skipping rungs which is very dangerous. It’s also important to be careful not to overreach on your ladder. This can easily happen if you need to keep moving the ladder only a small amount, requiring you to continuously descend and ascend the ladder.
It’s best to avoid positioning a ladder in a doorway but, if you have to, make sure the door is locked and that everyone in the home knows not to use it. Do not use your ladder for anything other than what it is intended for, it should not be used as a ramp or shelf.
Your life is far too important to risk it by being unsafe on a ladder. Safety should always be your top priority.

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