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Taking steps to make the home safe for small children is something parents take very seriously. Although there are many areas in the home that require childproofing, we’re going to consider one; windows.
Small children tend to fall over constantly and most of the time bounce back unharmed but, the situation would be very different if the fall was from a height, such as a fall from a window. So, what are some simple, low-cost child safety devices available for windows?
Window latches are a good option, particularly when the child gets a little older and can reach the window. When choosing which kind to buy, make sure an adult will easily be able to open the window fitted with the latch, while at the same time preventing a child from doing so.
Window guards are another safety option. They are usually designed with bars intended to stop a child from accessing the window. While they should meet the correct safety standards, just be sure that bars are spaced no more than 4 inches apart which is meant to prevent children from getting their heads or other limbs stuck.
Window stops can be used if you want the window to open to a set width. Again, make sure the width is no more than 4 inches in order to keep the child safe.
When looking at child safety think about the positioning of your furniture. Never place an item of furniture under a window or where a child can climb on it and gain access to the window. If windows have screens in them, it’s important to remember that these will not provide any protection against a fall and are not designed for that so you will still need to use other childproofing methods.

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