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​Now that October is upon us and fall has arrived, it’s time to begin preparing for those cold winter months. While it’s not the most enjoyable thought, fall is the best time to get our homes ready for winter. So, what are some ways we can do this? Here are a few recommendations:
Test your heating system. It’s best to do it now before you really need it. One way to do this is by cranking up the thermostat. How does it respond? If you notice it is very slow to respond, it may require some attention.  If your home has a fireplace, this month would be a good time to have it inspected to make sure it’s in good working order and ready to use. Another good idea is to replace the air filter and, if you use propane or oil, have the tank filled.
What can you do to prepare the exterior of the home for winter? Get gutters and downspouts cleaned out so that you clear any debris left in which will freeze during winter, this can weigh down guttering and damage it. It’s also a good time to put a new coat of sealer on decking and cover outdoor furniture.   Drain sprinkler systems of water and air so that they don’t crack during freezing temperatures.
The home plumbing system is one area that can cause a lot of damage to a home during winter. Pipes reach most parts of the home, including areas that are not occupied or heated like the attic and crawlspaces. Cover pipes in these areas using fiberglass insulation or foam. It’s also important to maintain the temperature of the home at a high enough level that pipes in those unheated areas don’t freeze either.
While the prospect of freezing outdoor temperatures is not always pleasant to many of us, getting your home ready now will ensure it is warm and problem-free this winter.

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