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​The odor left behind by tobacco can hang around for a very long time in a home, this can be especially frustrating if you have just moved into a new place where the previous tenant was a smoker.  Removing this smell is difficult because smoke particles are very small and saturate almost everything.  The odor is not the only issue to deal with, nicotine also leaves behind an oily brown substance that sticks to surfaces and is hard to get rid of.  So, what can be done?
You may well need to employ a variety of methods to get your home smelling fresh again.  Start with good ventilation, open all window and doors for as long as possible.  Placing natural odor absorbers like baking soda and coffee grinds around the home can also help.  Next, replace all air conditioner unit filters or HVAC filters.  Nicotine will also stick to light bulbs which, when turned on, will warm up and diffuse into the air so, you may want to replace any that were left behind by the previous tenant.  If there are blinds on the windows you wish to keep, take them down and give them a soak in a tub, afterwards scrub them thoroughly and hand to dry.
When removing nicotine from hard surfaces, cleaners that contain ammonia work well for this (although don’t use this on wooden surfaces).  You can also paint the walls but seek advice on what type of paint would be best as nicotine can seep back through some paints. 
It can be extremely tough to remove nicotine from carpets.  You will be better off replacing them completely.  Before installing new carpet, make sure you have thoroughly cleaned and dried the flooring underneath first.
By following these simple suggestions, you will be well on your way to a fresh smelling home in no time. 

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