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chimney inspections fort mcmurray

Chimney inspections are very important here in Fort McMurray. We have cold winters, and we need to make sure that if we have a chimney that it will be both safe and functional. So what type of chimney inspection should you get?

There are a few  different types of chimney inspections that you can get. They are typically called a level 1, a level 2, and a level 3 chimney inspection. So which one should you get?

Most people start out with a level 1 chimney inspection. These types of inspections are non-invasive, but still very comprehensive. The chimney’s structure, crown, and other components are inspected. These are typically the best inspection unless you think you have a problem inside of your flue that only cameras and invasive inspections can find. If you need a level 1 chimney inspection, contact us.

 A level 2 inspection is more invasive. In encompasses everything in a level 1 inspection, but then the interior of the flue and its liner are typically inspected using cameras. These inspections are more expensive and should only be done by a qualified chimney specialist.

A level 3 chimney inspection is much more invasive. A level 3 inspection generally takes apart some or all of the chimney. This type of inspection is usually only done after a chimney fire or other serious event.

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